Surprise Me

Whatever you do… surprise me.

  • I don’t like to read the end of the book, until I am at the end of the book.
  • If I know how the movie ends, I probably don’t want to watch it.
  • If I don’t want to know where we are going for dinner, I am not kidding – just get me there and I will enjoy it – I promise.
  • When I turned 16, my mom threw me a surprise party. My best friend helped pass out invitations at school and I admit, I was a bit jealous, (even of my best friend’s party – I thought she was having a party that I wasn’t invited to attend. Really.) Then, she told me what my mom had gotten me…she thought it was a weird, gift but I was thrilled to know that my mom had been so thoughtful. However, then I knew about the party. Bum. Mer.

Today, I returned home to several packages on the front step, I brought them all in but hadn’t gotten to open them until this evening. One of them, not ordered by me – nor addressed to me – I opened.


Since I was still expecting boxes from holiday shopping for my niece, I didn’t even think for a second that it wasn’t what I had ordered.

I was kind of sad to see that it wasn’t my purchase for a newborn, but instead something that did surprise me. A gift for me. (Unless he returns it…)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Please don’t. Even though I know, it is still going to be a great gift honey.


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