Important to Make the Time

At the end of the year it is difficult, but it is important to make the time to see friends, family and loved ones. Whether you travel to see them, Skype incessantly or reschedule what ever you have to do to make time for lunch, dinner or drinks out.

I was asked if we would be free on Christmas Eve to see good friends. I doubted that I would be ready.

I am never (ever) ready for Christmas morning. Except maybe once when my sister in law helped me wrap every itty bitty and each enormous present for the kids, family, friend and my husband. It was the best present she could have given me.

Now, as the presents become smaller, more expensive or actual experiences, it is even more important to make the time for those with whom we rarely get enough time. I am committed, or I will be committed…but I have plans – and will make more – to see friends for dinner, co-workers (who are also friends) for lunch, and family of course between now and the big day on the 25th. Hope to see you soon!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

P.S. MP Is that Christmas Eve party still in the works? If so, let me know. We will be there (and what can we bring?)

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