Team Effort

I like to think of marketing as a team effort. Whether you are the owner of the business, the head of marketing (or head of Sales), an employee, junior staffer or a customer/client – it takes more than one person to make the message memorable.

We are in the final countdown – or maybe knee deep in the season already by the looks of my e-mail inbox – to Christmas. Thanksgiving is one week away and Black Friday – what used to be a “make the year or we are done” is right there, too. There isn’t much more time. Make sure that the messaging you put out there will work.

What makes it work? Is it the product you offer? Is it the promotional discount (40% off seems to be the new standard) that you will offer? Is it where you communicate the deal (online, in your store, on the street corner with a flyer) or the placement in the store, on the shelf and at the front counter? Customers are willing to pay a certain price – seeing the value in the item and maybe more so at the holiday when people go a little bit overboard and spend more than they should or need to spend to make the holiday bright.

All of this combined makes it happen. You need to have the right team to help you execute and make sure to include the customer on that team. Encourage them, motivate them, make it rewarding to be a part of your retail team.  The biggest and the best brands do all of this – and more. Sure, they have an entire team at their disposal – pick your best employee (family or friend if you are solopreneur) and ask your best customer what they want – make it worth their while to help you as part of your essential core team.

You still have time to change the message. Your customers have probably already told you if it is enticing. If they haven’t clicked on your e-mail promotion or taken a gander at your website (you should have the stats – they are right there on Google Analytics), then you might need to:

  • change the offer
  • update the tagline
  • send it again
  • remind them

People are busy and if they like you and your brand enough, they will listen, they will act and they will follow your lead and become part of your team.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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