Not Chosen

Tonight, yes, it is late. It was a full day on the road – out early, home late and back out almost immediately to a meeting – where, I was not chosen as an elected official for the local business organization.

I wish all the best (truly, I do) to the incumbent who did win. I accepted the nomination, but I knew that I wouldn’t win (hoped maybe, even more that I wouldn’t win.) I didn’t want it. If I did, then – oh baby, watch out!

When you want something, truly want something, you will (and need to) make every effort to achieve satisfaction and success. What is it that you want so desperately that you will do everything you can to win?

What do you need to learn or to do that takes all of your extra time and effort to do? Whatever it is, go for it… unless you don’t really (really) want it. Whatever it is, if you need help to get there, just ask. Asking for help will always get you there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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