Take a Chance

There are times in a company when the owner decides that the best course of action is to take a chance on something that is risky, expensive or new. Even if it is in a box…

Sometimes these things pan out and sometimes the company just spends too much and foregoes spending in areas that were marginally helping increase sales.

Choosing to advertise in an airport, may make or break a company. The costs are high, the expectations are higher and the paperwork is mountainous.

But, when you get on the map and blow out your inventory or make the A-list of your industry, such as Wedding.com, Martha Stewart or even a few million mentions on Pinterest, then it was well worth it.

I think you just have to do it – how bad could it be to take a chance? I honestly have no idea if this company made a success of their display in the airport or not, or was already a success when they decided to do it…they retail in gifts shops all across the US…but I hope that it was worthwhile and it helped make them what they are today. Why? Because their idea is really cute, even if not 100% unique, AND the story behind the woman who created this brand is truly inspiring. (You can read more if you click on the link below the display picture.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

2016-04-09 13.35.08

PS Check out MusewarePottery.com and think about buying something from them for your next gift giving occasion. I trust that you will feel satisfied knowing that you supported this business, too.

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