Take 5

There is a really yummy candy bar, named Take 5 and it was a life changing thing for me. It was launched by Hershey quite a few years ago when I was a candy buyer – right around the time that I was pregnant with my son… He is now a freshman in high school and yes, my life has changed since then. All for the better – not all because of that one (or two or three) amazing candy bars that changed my life, but because I was able to make a change and do what I wanted to do instead of what I thought I should do.

By the way, this candy bar has everything in it. Chocolate, Peanut Butter. Pretzels. Peanuts. Caramel. Everything that is associated with decadence, taking a holiday and forgetting about stress in your life – all at the same time.

Yes, even in my life where I do what I love to do (every day) sometimes, it seems that it is decadent to do something like eat a candy bar.

I am not (nor are any of us) as young as I/we used to be and no amount of Pilates personal training will stop the aging process. Over eating – I know – doesn’t help… but what is definitely worse is being overly stressed.

The holidays each and every year seem to make life even crazier than it is year round…the shopping, the redecorating, the end of year push to finish what we started, the not fitting into that dress for the holiday party. I know. You know.

I think we all need a time out.

So, in whatever power I have, I am giving that to you. Right now.

Take 5 – seconds to breathe deep and anther to breathe out. Take 5 minutes, to stretch. Take 5 – hours to linger over a really good book, dinner with friends or a performance (music is always nice, so is binge watching your favorite show – go ahead finish the season… you have been dying to know how it ends!) Take 5 – days to get away (I know, not nearly enough.) Take 5 – weeks to get through the holiday and into the new year…it will be here before you know it. So, whatever you do with your “five” definitely take the time to enjoy it while it’s here. In the end, no one will ever chide you for doing what serves you…but, if they do – give them a candy bar and tell them to go away.

~ Dawn aka hat Girl

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