The Day

It is December 7th, it is Pearl harbor Day, it is The Day…my brother was born. I only have one brother and so happy that I do. Otherwise, it would have been all girls for my dad and while I don’t think any of us are overly “girly” none of us stuck with the family business as long as he has.

Oh, well we had our moments working with dad, at least I did anyway – a piece of advice – never hold the soldering iron UNDER the solder while you are connecting copper pipes. Live and learn. I never did THAT again. He’s had so many more moments and learning experiences – I would love to hear more stories…and learn more lessons.

But, having him was more than having a boy in the family to torture in our own ways…he was born on an important day in our country’s history.

It is so very helpful, when you are a small child, born in the 60s (he is younger and was a 70s baby) to know why a certain date is so memorable. It goes a long way with the elders to actually know the significance of major events so important to the greatest generation.

So to honor him, my only brother, after more than a few decades – I will remember him.

I think it is fair to say he was more than just born on December 7th in the 1970s.

He was a Star Wars boy. A “Mom, I have to go out and rescue Chewbacca” boy (who was stuck in the mud after days of rainy weather, only to be found a bunch of years later when the patio was being redone for our sister’s backyard wedding.) A, I can fix it – until he broke it – boy… who grew into a bigger boy and now a man who can pretty much fix anything.

I am proud to know him. To have grown up with him. To have been the one he trusted when his guinea pig Lisa left us… To know that he is a great father. To know that he can teach my children very important lessons in life, liberty and justice for all.

The Day he was born is still vivid in my mind and I love him more than he knows. Happy Birthday Bryan – hope that it was a great day for you, too.

~ Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl aka The Big Sister

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