Sweetest Little Gift

Besides a warm hug, another sweetest little gift you could give or receive this year…if you don’t have an adorable little elf baby to dress up might be:

  • A delectable piece of gourmet chocolate – just one will hit the spot.
  • A cup of coffee with an old friend.
  • A phone call from someone with whom you have not talked in ages and ages.
  • A note, written on the Christmas card that is personal and meaningful.
  • A smile lighting up the face of someone who might be in pain.
  • A home-coming; unexpected, but right on time to celebrate.
  • A better grade than the one you thought you had gotten on the final exam.
  • A quart of home-made soup to eat now or freeze for a busy, but cold winter’s night.
  • A light dusting of sparkly snow on Christmas morning to brighten up the day (this one is just out of our human reach, but being on the receiving end would be lovely.)

Of course, those are just a few simple ideas. Anything that you can conceive in your mind’s eye that might make it that much more festive and full of holiday spirit is the right thing. Plus, I still want to “ooh and aah” this baby in a basket with an elf hat…

Hopefully you can both give and receive at least one sweetest little gift each day of this holiday season. After all, ’tis the season for giving…so let’s not save it all for just one day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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