Successful Weekend

I hope that it was – overall – a successful weekend.

We snuck out to one of our favorite big box retailers today, not to buy Christmas gifts, but instead to pick up a prescription that was ready. We probably could have waited until tomorrow, but there was indeed something I thought we could buy, and it was “bundled” – for this weekend only (Huh? Sure, ok. I’m in.)

Will it still be available tomorrow or even next week? Probably… this wasn’t a Must Have gift of the season. Just something I have known would bring a smile to my daughter and on her “I’d like to have list” for a while.

As we checked out, the friendly and sweet woman on the register sighed. She said, “I’m sorry, but I am tired and I leave soon. It’s been a long weekend.” (I know what you mean…)

It is OK and I hope that it has been a good, profitable, successful long weekend:

  • For the employees (maybe they collected some overtime, or more money for their holidays…)
  • For the retailers (big or small, they promoted the holiday and should get something in return…)
  • For Amex who did their part for Small Business Saturday (although it used to be that small businesses didn’t always accept American Express…so they win twice maybe.)

Lots happened at home, too:

  • We had a record 12 people stay in our house (ok, seven live here all the time and 3 of the other 5 were under 13 years old.)
  • With 14 guests for dinner on Thanksgiving (and 16 for brunch on Friday) this was the largest sit down dinner we’ve served in our house – ever – and we don’t even have a functioning dining room!! (It was long ago transformed into our home office and where I sit many days to write this blog.)
  • We also had my niece and nephew stay with me for an entire week (2 of the days with their parents too), but still, 7 overnights!! That was the longest sleepover we’ve ever hosted – except when their mom, my sister, lived with us for a year or so. I don’t think that counts since it was more permanent than a “sleepover.”

Guess what? Now I am able to say, “I’m tired, too” and I think it is well-deserved all around. It was a successful weekend for us at home, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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