Stop and Assess the Priorities

It’s pouring rain, flood warnings. Easy to know that it is probably time to stop and assess the priorities.

Like, should we go out to get together with the girls as planned? Yes! Well, probably yes. How bad is the flood? How much worse will it get? Not too bad, then certainly go out and talk about the book you all read.

When the sun is shining, you have all the time, money and help you need in the world, you just go with the flow, just be spontaneous and say yes to everything you want to do.

Maybe, you decide not to fix the leaking sink that has been dropping innocently for a month. Ask yourself or a professional, will one more weekend – just 36 hours longer – make a difference? 

You definitely don’t clean under the utility sink – I mean, does it matter if you have 4 open boxes of Swiffer replacement cloths; not one empty enough to fill just 3 and toss the one box that seems like you’re a bit overstocked? Do you? No. Probably not.

At the nth hour, at the end of the plan, with no more days left to finish everything, you stop and assess the priorities – sure, you still you make them roll the favors and tie them off with care.  You might not; however, be able to decorate every room to theme. Well, of course not. It was never a real goal…just one that seemed plausible when found on Pinterest 3 months ago.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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