Every Little Bit Helps

Trying to accomplish something big, start small – every little bit helps.

Break down what you need, whether it is an investment, a long term multi-phase project, or a big party for a hundred of your closest friends and family.

Start by making your list, checking it over and over again – adding and clarifying what you need – asking for help is definitely a good idea.

  • Donations of $25 can help – even if you need to collect $100,000 to save the historic building – contributions in excess of $2,500 are better.
  • Month by month, weekly check ins and deliverables, assigning tasks to every member of the team and checking off what is done when it happens.
  • Starting 3 months ago, 3 more days to go – and only 30 more things to do!

You know better than I do what it takes and every little bit helps reach your goal. Have fun though, it is the only way to live through the process of getting there. When you are done, you can have a garden party, or any kind of party you want to have, celebrating your accomplishments.

~ Dawn aka Hat GIrl


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