Caterers Are Awesome

For a long time, I have believed that caterers are awesome. When I was a kid, my mom and my aunt started helping friends with parties, anniversary galas and family reunions. Soon, they had their own catering company and a list of places to be on many a weekend and a few major holidays.

We (as in our family) acquired a lot of wonderful recipes, memories and tools of the trade.

Since then, my mom and my sister have hosted several amazing evens – from wedding and baby showers to weddings, and from Christenings to over-the-top, elaborate children’s birthday parties.

Now, we have (or she has and I have access to):

  • tiered cake stands, cookie and cupcake tower displays;
  • glass beverage decanters with spigots and dozens of wine, punch and beer glasses (in addition to plastic tropical themed cups fun for kids AND adults;
  • mini salt and pepper shakers – from matching sets to kitschy, quirky to those themed to suit those particular events listed above;
  • solar and electric lanterns;
  • tables – alas, more than there are chairs; and,
  • oh, the list really goes on and on…

Today, I do believe that caterers are awesome and on the eve of our biggest party in 13 years – our graduate having started kindergarten that year is just an interesting coincidence – I really, seriously, absolutely wish…that we had hired one.  (I’m exhausted already, but really looking forward to the food, the cake and the guests arriving.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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