Some Things

There are some things that just make you smile.

  • The sound of the bells ringing, leading into your favorite Christmas Carol.
  • The twinkling lights on houses, making them appear warm and bright – it is cold, but still it looks inviting.
  • The center of town all lit up with the anticipation of something big about to happen.
  • Mashed potatoes – and plenty to go around.
  • Piping hot, delectably buttery chocolate chip cookies.
  • Dinner with family.
  • A clean and empty dish washer…which you did not empty.
  • An empty “In bin” knowing that you have sorted, accomplished, paid and filed everything – it is done and you can relax and get ready for more.
  • Pants that fit when you put them on to go out. Not too loose, not too tight.
  • Finding your place, with family, friends and co-workers and helping others become comfortable, too.
  • Real mail in your mail box.
  • The 4th of 4 boxes with your new drapes for the recently painted room.
  • Finding out that the lawn service CAN come and clean up the wet soggy leaves that you haven’t been able to remove quite yet.
  • The sun, peaking through the clouds and making a beautiful sunset.

These are just some things that make me smile…there are so many others, but today, these are on the list.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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