Detour Taken

Sometimes, a detour taken in life give us options that we never would have considered.

  • The hairdresser you met because of the last-minute hair cut next to that great lunch spot – only to became a long-term relationship because she thought you were crazy for not getting a referral after your last horrible hair cut.
  • The job you were offered even though you’d interviewed there thinking it was a different company altogether – Allstate turned out to be a professional outplacement company not an insurance company.
  • The new yoga place someone casually mentioned – turned out to be managed by an old friend you haven’t seen in years.
  • The micro-brew pub that took it’s name from simply converting an old bank – it is now the hot new spot in town and a favorite restaurant for any dinner out.
  • The major you decided you’d like the best only being available at one university on the east coast – deciding at the last minute that you wouldn’t really be a very good aerospace engineer and…Your entire life changed forever.

In our case, none of this was relevant tonight… It was just the detour taken because we wanted the “faster way home” resulting in the doughnuts we bought because the Red Light was on. Some choices are big, some choices are small and some of them are out of your control, but they all matter – and some result in really good doughnuts.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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