So Close

Sometimes you are so close, but you just didn’t get there…yet.

  • It’s only a few more miles, but still too far.
  • You continue to debate and won’t agree.
  • If you stretch, you might be able to reach your toes (if not tomorrow, next week).
  • You still have between 4 and 12 pounds to go, and Thanksgiving is coming soon.

Things that are easy just get done.

The things that are a challenge need your time, focus and energy…and, it is these things that are worth getting so close that you can almost see it, feel it and realize it. Spend the emotional energy. Take the time with friends to find common ground. Continue to reach farther every day. Don’t stop working on your goal, even though those cookies smell so very good. You will be there when you are ready to just do it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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