Smile and Chat

It doesn’t take much effort, for most people, to just smile and chat. In fact, pretty sure if you can muster up the effort, life will be much more fun.

  • Talk about the weather.
  • Talk about the football game.
  • Talk about how cool their blue hair looks, or their tattoo, or their shoes.
  • Talk about how cute their glasses are…
  • Talk about food, coffee, cheese…mmm cheese.
  • Talk about what you did last weekend or what you plan to do during this one.
  • Talk about life – nothing serious or complicated – just every day stuff.

Thankful for Katie who helped us check out at Target, the three friendly people (no name tags) at the lunch spot and of course the shorter (than me) technician who adjusted my glasses at Warby Parker today – she laughed and said thanks when I bent down to help her…help me.

I am pretty sure that you can do it, it’s simple – for about 2 to 3 minutes tops, you can come up with a benign topic, then – smile and chat to help make the day go by quickly, pleasantly and humanly. That’s what we all are, human – right? Yea.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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