Sounds Worse

Ok, so earlier today, I heard something said by my youngest daughter and it made me pause. Her statement, while true, sounds worse than it is. I can’t resist commenting and sharing this…

Now, if you’re young…or younger, this may not sound weird, but I assure you it was.

Nineteen hundreds.

That’s it.

The 1900s.


Be still my heart.

That sounds like a reference to The Roaring Twenties or World War 1 and Hoover. 

But, no…

She was referencing music that she heard, this weekend, during an outing with her friends and not me or her dad. 

Songs like the theme song to The Addams Family, The Witch Doctor and Thriller. All Halloween themed, or whatever and yes, while they were all from the 1900s, could we just not refer to them in a way that simply sounds worse by making them sound a hundred years old?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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