Nothing To Do With Pirates

Just like Accounts Receivables (or AR as it is commonly abbreviated) – has nothing to do with pirates.

At least, we hope it doesn’t. If your business is suffering from a cash shortage let’s hope that it is just the people who haven’t yet paid their invoice for whatever reason.

  • Maybe it’s not due yet.
  • Maybe the auto payment didn’t go through because of Equifax’s breach and a hold on the credit card.
  • Maybe the check is really, and truly, no lie, in the mail.
  • Maybe the insurance company is being billed first because you’re prepared to carry the balance until they pay first and you’d rather not credit the patient back after it is paid in full as expected.
  • Maybe it is any number of reasons that are legitimate and not just some guys who decided to hijack a ship and steal from you.

Then again, in today’s lingo, you might not have even thought of accounts receivable unless I’d said it first. Maybe you think (first) “Augmented Reality” – the new AR – which might also have nothing to do with pirates… but then again, it might.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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