Sing A Little Louder

Even if you can’t sing, in Karaoke, you have to sing a little louder. (Or, so I have been told.)

I am no singer…I lack that innate talent, but with a lot (a real lot), I mean a ton of help from strong singers next to me coaching me along, higher/lower, I can hit the notes. Sometimes.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to sing. I do. (In my car, even if I am not alone if it is a song I really like…)

I was so nervous to sing at a Karaoke party, I really was.

I kept thinking of that line in When Harry Met Sally: “It’s my voice, you hate my voice…” and being boo’d off the “stage” – luckily, the man I love wasn’t going to be there, so even if someone hated it, it wouldn’t matter.

Our daughter, the second one I have with that man I love, she loves to sing. Any time. Anywhere. Any genre.

When she is in the shower, she will sing a little louder to hear herself sing. And when she comes out of a two hour choir practice, she will turn on the radio, aka the iPhone connected to the radio, and sing her favorite songs. So, I join her and thankfully, she doesn’t hate my voice…even though she may critique me and give me some advice. After all… she strives to be a professional some day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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