All Things Irish

In March, it is easy for everyone to be Irish and to embrace all things Irish

Things like whiskey, or beer if that is your preference as well as Irish music and Irish potatoes (which aren’t potatoes at all.)

Of course, when the spring like weather is coming on too, the world starts to turn green again. While I am a big fan of St Patrick’s Day (I am not only Irish, my dad is literally an honorary Leprechaun as is his grandfather before him;) I only just recently (less than a year ago) realized that I do like Irish whiskey. I guess going to Dublin and seeing how it is all made at the Old Jameson Distillery helps.

It was easy to be Irish when I grew up… listening to the Irish Rovers and in fact, all genres of music from classical, to jazz, rock (of course), not just the folk songs from my ancestors’ home which is more than Ireland…although not Italy at all.

I am not sure that my ancestors, a few more than a few generations ago, had it quite so easy…but we think of the fun times and not the sad, difficult or challenging part of moving to a new country where you don’t speak the language.

I appreciate what they did so that I can go to see an Irish band tonight, and able to celebrate friends, family and new adventures.

No matter where you’re from or your family started, I do hope you are all getting ready for the next couple of weeks to be totally green – laugh more, dance a little and be sure to have some fun – when all things Irish make your heart smile.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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