Schedules Falling Behind

During a season of transition and change, things happen that we can’t control. When the weather gets crummier, it is common to find schedules falling behind.

The problem is, when you are booked, back to back in order to be most efficient and effective, it can be a problem.

  • One call runs longer and interrupts the next.
  • Your price fixe dinner seating runs too long to catch the last (not-sold-out) movie.(Luckily you didn’t have sought after seats at an overpriced play.)
  • The train, being delayed can have serious ramifications on your plans for rest of the day and tomorrow.

Rainy weather is certainly a reason for the train schedules falling behind, but then the connection to the other train or a flight and even your dinner plans are ruined. You can’t control, what you can’t control, but you should be able to control how you handle it. No excuses for your mood swings, getting crankier or less patient – it is only the beginning of fall and there is a lot more time to go. Crank up the heat, turn up the music and have a little fun on Snapchat. That always cheers me up.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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