Falling Back

I know that technology doesn’t change people’s natural habits, but falling back from Daylight Savings Time into Standard Time was always a big deal.

We would run around late at night and change all of the clocks…but not until after the kids went to bed. Then, you could still force them (LOL – as if) to go to bed on time and you were able to more easily wake them up.

They would just assume everything was as usual, but they wouldn’t be cranky for an early wake up.


Nothing – other than happier and more awake than usual children – would seem amiss.

The time-change routine is easier now. We no longer have VHS and DVD players to set. The microwave is fairly intuitive (not a smart wave cooker in our house yet) and to be honest, they don’t look at an analog clock anyway.

For them, it is a non-event – with cellphones, laptops and tablets connected to Wifi – they all automatically set themselves. No tricking those darlings into going to bed “earlier” than they need to go.  For them, it is very easy to just ignore the entire event…falling back into a routine of staying up later than they should and being exhausted in the morning as any self-respecting teen is often found to be. If only it was this easy each spring…but, let’s not think about that yet. No rush. For now, I will enjoy the lighter, brighter mornings, even while I lament the early evening sunset – while I look forward to Winter Solstice when each and every day is just a little bit longer than the last.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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