Rose Colored

I used to have rose colored sunglasses.They were round, John Lennon like glasses. I wore them everywhere.

Especially in Philadelphia, at college, it gave those winter, sunless days a glow that the chilly city streets could never have produced.

In the summer, reds were more intense. Hotter. Better. Sunshiny-er.

Those were fun times…good days. Lots of time with friends. Staying up late and still getting up early with energy, ready to go. Ready to do anything. Reckless. Fearless. Limitless.

Looking back on events from 20 or 30 or even yes, 40 years ago; the things that maybe weren’t perfect, but in hindsight, were absolutely wonderful. We miss those times, those rose colored memories. It’s okay though to make new memories, the ones that will last another 20, 30 and even yes – I hope, 40 more years.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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