Rephrase the Question

Fairly often, we hear people repeat the same thing over and over again. The person to whom they are speaking didn’t have a problem hearing them, they had a problem understanding them.  Perhaps they have to say it a different way; sometimes the person gets smart and they ask them to rephrase the question.

Communication requires people to know their audience. It can be easier for some more so than others to rephrase their statement, their comment, their argument…

For example, and I won’t get into who you like, love or hate…and I am not supporting any one person in this blog post. I am however making an independent observation.

It was quite clear to me – and to everyone I have spoken with today – one of the two candidates was answering the questions asked, staying calm under attack and being sure to use new words, new phrases and new statements to get her point across.

We may not agree with her – or we may very well be on her side – but she spoke to people and in the end communication really, really matters.

Sometimes, you have to ask a question right back and I am not sure, but in last night’s first Presidential Debate I don’t recall hearing anyone ask if the moderator could rephrase the question. Maybe, just maybe it would have helped, but then again, maybe not.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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