Renewed Efforts

Nothing is better than renewed efforts put forth by people who had given up or lost focus. It can be in the form of effort, or investment, which requires effort – so that counts, too.

We are “back to fall” and for some reason, it just is a busier work season – at least in comparison to summer. I think it is more than just vacations, I think it is just a mindset.

  • A let’s take a break and go to the beach this weekend.
  • Heck, let’s take Friday off.
  • Or, it’s so hot out, I really don’t have any energy to go outside and do anything.
  • The kids are home from school and they aren’t doing anything either. (Which reminds me, I have something else to say about that, but we will table that topic for another day, maybe an entire week. Remind me if I forget.)

Organizations sometimes take summer breaks. Leadership wants time to think, the staff want time off, the volunteers – well, they just aren’t volunteering or maybe they have other groups they support out of doors.

Even though this is not the spring season, I am pleasantly surprised and happy that people have come back with renewed efforts to make the world better again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I guess the threat of someone they don’t want to see move into the White House will also do that.

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