Remember the Fries

How hard is it to remember the fries?

Not that hard actually. When you do the drive through or take-out, they never forget them.

What they usually forget is (any one of these):

  • dressing on the side
  • extra sauce
  • no cheese
  • well-done (better to be under-cooked than overcooked, though, right?)
  • the side salad, that we ordered instead of the fries
  • the extra rolls
  • no bacon / bacon on the side (so the vegetarian can offer it to her brother instead)
  • to really put the lid on the soup (what a mess)
  • oh, yes – the onions on the side

I know, “on the side” is a very big thing with us, we just want it the way we want it. We are not the only ones, obviously, who can ask for that and get it or not…and let’s not forget Joe Pesci’s line “they _ _ _ _ you at the drive thru.”

I can never figure out how hard it is to not follow the order…all written down, neatly (not even in hand-writing but printed on the receipt,) but it is so difficult.

They always remember the fries and, to be honest, whether or not it is worth going back for them or not. Not all fries are created equal and while I know that it is a personal preference, the only way they can really screw up the fries is if they let them get soggy. Which is probably the best reason to eat there in the first place.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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