Remember It Well

Of course, I remember it well…that place where we went while we waited for the concert to start? It was last year; you don’t remember it?

  • It was a brew pub.
  • A craft brew pub.
  • They make their own beer.
  • The food was great.
  • It was called _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ Brewery.
  • We sat in the corner at the bar.
  • It was snowing.
  • It was right around the corner from the concert.
  • It was crowded.
  • We thought the kids would have liked it.

I have found that I have a wonderful memory with some things…

Things like where (and when) I met people, who introduced us and the second, third and fourth time we met (again). Who wore what adorable Onesie, which kid is in that picture, who is married to whom and the birthdays of all their kids…

Other things, not so much.

Maybe I don’t remember it well…it was a restaurant, they make a variety of upscale and comfort food. We did sit at the bar in the corner and while they do sell select craft brews, not a single one is made there. They also sell a variety of wines and signature cocktails. We did get there late and it was quite crowded. The kids definitely would like it (and will enjoy the leftovers we brought home, tomorrow.) Maybe I’ll remember it better next year when we go back for the Holiday Concert again – oh, and it was snowing then – just not tonight.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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