Sealed and Mailed

Every year at Christmastime, people go above and beyond with their cards…sealed and mailed (hopefully) at the latest, by today.

Yea, sorry if I am breaking this news to you, but today was the deadline to get them mailed off to family, friends and clients in time for Christmas Eve eve delivery…

Of course, there is a well-known deadline. The US Postal Service knows how long it takes to deliver the mail.They figured this out years ago and know in advance the plan of attack.

They told you, too – you just may not have been paying attention.

Of course, you certainly get a pretty good deal for one single “forever stamp” – just pay the small fee, drop off your letters and let them do the rest – from here to there and everywhere in between for well under a dollar.

It’s a bargain.

Even with the wait in the long line, which for me, was unexpected.

I haven’t seen the parking lot this busy in years. Yet there they were, dozens of people, who all knew today was the day, holding on to each precious envelope knowing that they would be safe, if sealed and mailed off by today. Countless cards, along with packages and boxes filled with Christmas gifts, a fruit cake or two and some preemptive thank yous…All of which I know, because we had a bit of a wait…and it is easy to chat to make the time go by more quickly.  Plus, now you know to check your mailbox because, chances are, something is going to be delivered to you one day soon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Sealing wax adds weight, not just extra time to prep the envelope. Just letting you know in case you were wondering.

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