Someday We Will Learn

Someday we will learn the very best way to handle each and every situation that comes to be – right there in front of us.

  • No quick reactions.
  • No dashed off e-mails (or texts).
  • No short answers.
  • No shouting “NO!”
  • No emotional outbursts.

It isn’t inherent. It isn’t cultural. It isn’t instinct.

It is practiced.

Someday, we will learn to curb our tongues – say what we mean rather than what we think – off the cuff and in the heat of the moment.  This is simply something that comes with experience. Elders are great at this; until they get to the point where they don’t think it matters anymore – and, then, they don’t care if they offend anyone. Or, if you’re a kid – kids are always honest – they always say what they mean to say.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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