Relax But Be Flexible

When summer comes, many companies (and their team members) adjust their working hours. Clients and customers alike, are on vacation (on average about 10% of the summer weeks) and the resulting workload can be lighter. You can relax, but be flexible.

Even if you are not on vacation, just when you think you can take an early day, maybe a day off – go to the beach – they need you.

It can be like that with your kids, too. Even when they get older, able to take care of themselves, feed themselves – just when you least expect it – they need you.

In certain careers, and certainly when you own your own business, it is like parenting. The job never ends. That is, if you want to do the job and do it well.

So, decide carefully and be prepared to get started. You never know what will come next.

In other words, there are days when you should relax, but be flexible to handle what comes at you – whenever it comes, because you just can’t plan for every. Little. Thing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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