Unpredictability is Exciting

Having moments of unpredictability is exciting…sometimes more than others. In no particular order, things like:

  • going away for the weekend at a moment’s notice.
  • having a friend show up at your door to say hello.
  • a gift arriving at your door when you least expect it – even though it might actually be your birthday.
  • you find out you have enough rewards to pay for your appetizers and dessert.
  • walking outside and finding it 30+ degrees cooler than it has been through the latest heat wave.
  • learning that you know someone, through a very good friend, who was (also) just referred to you for help.
  • being able to stay in, do nothing (in particular, not work) on a night when you had nearly 100 things to do and they all got rescheduled.

Sure, unpredictability is exciting – the best part of it – you never know when it is going to happen.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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