Read and Re-read

No matter what industry you are in, it is always, always a good idea to read and re-read your texts, e-mail, documents and presentations.

Texting, using an iPad or tablets, writing a quick e-mail… they are all so easy to mess up. Write the wrong thing, ask the wrong question, use the wrong word.

If you make a mistake does it cost you a client, money or just your reputation?

It isn’t easy, it takes time. You need to move on and do more. Problem is, when your mistake is so terrible that you lose the client, you injure a patient or serve the wrong food it can be costly and even deadly…

Ok, that’s extreme. But it is true.

Taking it back to being just a little bit lighter, this is also a good idea for students, too.

Students tend to know this, it is just adults (maybe) who sometimes forget. Students have teachers looking over them and remind them to read and re-read to make sure that this is really what they want to say. Sometimes we can learn from the younger generation. Not always, but sometimes.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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