Print is Cheap

Years have past since printed marketing was oppressively expensive. While there are still expenses associated with any of your printing needs, overall, print is cheap and totally worth the effort if you use it the right way.

Let’s take packaging for example. If you need to package your product, whether it is food or a retail item, there is a good chance that you will want to protect it with a bag, a box, a sleeve or something… (Please don’t think plastic, although there is merit in it, I am frustrated with plastic right now. I will talk more about that topic another day!) Besides… with paper and cardboard printing you can make the most of that package and use it to communicate with your customers.

Your pizza box – brand it. “Talk” about your pizza. Showcase your location or your recipe or what is different about you. Make your box into a convertible plate. Be creative. There are thousands of pizza shops in the US, there are probably 10 in your general vicinity that you could consider as an option tonight for dinner. Make sure that your customers fall in love with your pizza and you keep them engaged in other ways that keep them coming back.

Your take out bag – brand it. Don’t just put your logo, phone number and your website – add info about new products you offer that they don’t know about yet, maybe add a joke, riddle or other fun fact that will entertain them while they eat.

The cup sleeve for coffee or rigid envelope for pictures, calendars or even a mouse pad – brand them too. On these, you can highlight your customer service mission, your reason for doing what you do – why they matter.

Now that you have a few ideas, consider the value of the messaging and the communication you can create on your printed materials and then, you will realize why it has more value than just ink on paper or cardboard.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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