Plastic Packaging

Rather than keep you in suspense from yesterday’s post and the “tease” about plastic for your packaging, I thought I would resolve that “thought” today. So, today’s post is about something that is more than annoying, especially for parents of young children at Christmas time and that my friends is the ubiquitous plastic packaging used today. Nearly everything is shrink-mold wrapped in an unfriendly, unyielding, hard, unable to be opened without completely destroying the container – plastic.

Not only is it unpleasant to access your product, it makes the interaction with your brand memorable in a bad way. No jokes, cute catch phrases about how they love you as a customer, or why they do what they do. Sure, you can see the product clearly, but you can’t open it to “test it out” without completely destroying the container. Now it’s “waste” or a discounted item in your store, because no one wants something that has obviously been opened – even if it isn’t something that could be opened and not affected in any way at all.

If you can pick a better package, then do it… even if it does cost a bit more,┬áit is worth it. (Although like I said yesterday, I do think that printing on paper is value-added for your brand and your customer messaging.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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