Pop Up

With retail rentals heavy on inventory and light on tenants places can pop up in the empty space and stay for as long or go as quickly as they want. (The building owner gets paid for a month to 3 months – or maybe even just a week showing how great the space would work for nearly anything you have in mind.)

The halloween costume stores are in market from August thru early November; the new gym opening nearby: “come in here and get a glimpse of the new space, sign up for membership” … and best of all – my favorite – pop up restaurants. A new chef, not a lot of money to invest but lots of inspiration, creativity and energy to share with us.

Temporary tenants, capturing attention in the market and gauging the interest of the local residents.

Do they want us here to stay?” they think.

Tonight, there is a pop up art gallery, right on our little main street – hopefully with a local wine to enjoy, too. The not quite so very local craft brewery is coming to town too, maybe they will open a mini brew pub in town?!? The one nearby has been doing quite well for the last 2 years. Maybe we will attract a few new concepts to join our little microcosm of suburbia.

Let’s try it and see if we like it and if we do, encourage them to stay. Go ahead and pop up somewhere to see if it fits.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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