Follow the Process

Ok, so what does process have to do with marketing? It has everything to do with execution and customer service and so very much more. When you follow the process, the one that the owner or the inventor created, it works. Just like magic. Well, no

More like a lot of hard work and planning and rethinking, retooling, redesigning, revamping and retesting – perfecting it – so it can be duplicated over and over again. Even by 18 year olds who are working at their very first job. In the mall. At Christmas.

Follow the process and it saves the customer 45 minutes. Follow the process and it save the 18 year old from feeling frustrated. Follow the process and you keep the line moving and you keep selling gifts…during said Christmas season.

It’s really that simple. And yet… Somehow, people either don’t get enough training or they don’t “get it” and that is a big problem. Because either way, someone doesn’t get it… Make sure it isn’t you, your employees, or your customers.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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