Plow Ahead

In the spirit of winter, that hasn’t even yet arrived, we have had two snow events. One actually lasted for the better part of a day, nearly 24 hours of snowing…then, as quickly as it was here – it was nearly gone. Then, (again) the weather this morning decided to force us to plow ahead and clear the snow before we headed out to school, work and play.

There isn’t a problem with this. There isn’t a problem if you have adequate support.

We need support. We can’t do all of this alone.

With all of the technology and science, it still isn’t entirely predictable.

However, it is not as if there is a lack of precedence…it snowed last year on the very same day (although then it was a school day) and I only know this because Facebook tells me so.  We used to have to work to find out, go and look in the Farmer’s Almanac to figure it out…now, it shows up in our “news” and “memory” feed each morning.

The problem is actually when we do not have the support we need, want and depend upon. I know it isn’t glamorous, it isn’t really steady and consistent where we live, and no one grows up to say, “I want to be a snow plow truck driver.”

At least I don’t think there are…but, if there are kids out there saying it, I have never hear that before.

So, I am thankful that there are…whether they were big dreams or small ones, I for one am happy to pay them to do a job they want to do.  Even if they don’t love it, as long as they want to do it well, that is the most important part.

Not too many people are willing to get up early, clear the roads and make them passable.  They work, so that the rest of us can sleep in, until relatively normal time at least, and still get where we are headed – on time, without stress and above all, safely.

When the signs that say plow ahead are out, I breathe a sigh of relief. They are indeed most welcome, appreciated and in this case, I am quite happy to follow and I will most definitely get out of their way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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