Back Up Plan

We might know exactly what we want, but when things don’t go as planned, be sure to have a back up plan.

Sometimes, that plan will:

  • cost you – as you have to invest in a new car, extending the length of payments on the relatively new car you already (sort of) own.
  • set you back – starting over, or going back to a mid-point start will force you along a path that takes longer to get to your end goal – whether in school, in life, or in your career.
  • force you to ask for help – others are certainly capable, we are not all-knowing, nor the only ones who can do a good job – even as parents, those who have been there (or want to be) will probably lend a hand.
  • get you where you really need to be – we don’t always know what is best for ourselves…sometimes our beliefs make us think that it is, but really, something else is what we were meant to do; really.

When you were thinking about where you wanted to go and where you wanted to be by now, you probably didn’t have a back up plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one today, tomorrow or over the next few weeks so that 2018 gets you closer to where you really should be.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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