Long Days Ahead

This past week, with 3 snow events (and counting) have been long, but the longest week is still to come. The last week before Christmas Day means we have seemingly long days ahead.

In reality, they are the shortest of days in terms of sunlight even though they feel like the longest.

The anticipation, the pending vacation, the family-filled holiday, the gifts, the mysteries, the potential for more snow that will make it a white Christmas after all. So many things to think, do and experience.

For those of us who still have plenty of work to do, there are 5 more early mornings of getting the kids up, dressed, fed, lunched and off to school. So, we better get some rest this weekend.

The long days ahead are actually nothing compared to the longer nights, staying up late, getting everything ready and keeping the mysteries alive (Santa and Elves and more.) No matter the age, no matter the willingness to be impressed, from the pre-school tot to the home-bound college-kid, it is our role to enhance the joy that everyone should be feeling during these last 2 wonderful weeks of the year. It’s time for a much-needed Friday night nap. Don’t look to me if you didn’t heed this advice. You knew it before I even said it, didn’t you?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Everywhere I look, from e-mail to web banners and even in the good, old fashioned mail-box – there is still time to get what you need, want and seek for the holiday’s perfect gift.

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