Philly and Ben

When you think of history, cities and people that shaped the nation, you have to think about Philly and Ben Franklin.

They…well, they just go together.

  • They go together like cheese and steak (wit.)
  • They go together like water and ice (as in wooder ice.)
  • They go together like liberty and bells (even cracked.)
  • They go together like crazy and sports (fans.)
  • They go together like Betsy and Ross (none other than the flag – I don’t even think I know another Betsy…)
  • They go together like pretzels and mustard (without street smoke.)*
  • They go together like hoagies and cheating on your “healthy eating plan” (regularly.)

You can only imagine the relationship that Philly and Ben actually had, but it was one for the history books. Plus, museums, our government structure, city planning and a focus on higher education. There are a lot of wonderful things to see, do and enjoy in Philadelphia. Maybe you will visit (again) soon.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

* If you know NYC pretzels, you know that the ones we have in Philly are totally and completely different.

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