Get in Line

Have you ever had the experience when you saw people collecting in a queue? You weren’t sure why they were all lined up; but you still decided to get in line.

You might’ve been at a concert. You weren’t sure if that was where you should be for the entrance closest to your seats. Maybe it was a shorter line, but it turned out that was the VIP entrance. Or, maybe it was the place where you can get through security because you only had a wallet, a phone and keys (without a pocket knife on your key chain, of course.)

You didn’t actually have a giant tote bag that you carry because everybody gives you things; so that would work out just fine for you.

Of course, you can’t get in that line if you have said tote, because you might have to be somewhere in a moments notice and you need accessories. Stuff. Personal items.

I know I’m pretty much talking about women; however, there are definitely guys who decide on their own accord to carry more “accessories”. Stuff. Personal items.

So before you get all tied up in judgement of women…back off – and get back to the line…like a good, little girl. (There you go.)

Maybe you have a bike. You need to find a good, safe place to lock it up.

Sometimes there are so many people in front of you that you can’t see the sign that explains why it is you should be waiting here, or there. Or, instead indicates that you should be someplace else completely it’s not the venue’s fault.

  • People tend to flock together.
  • Follow the leader.
  • Listen to the rules – of the crowd.

If you see somebody doing something in an organized fashion the tendency is to follow. Even if it is completely, 100% the wrong thing to do.

Clearly there are some people who will instinctively – or rebelliously – go in the other direction. Sure, they may find that they wasted time or they may find an even better place to be.

The reality is, there is risk in both decisions.

  • Break the rules. You lose. Or, you win.
  • Follow the guidelines. You win. Or, you lose.

The risk in either option is that you if get in line, at some point, you will figure out whether you have won or not. I am not saying to wonder aimlessly, nor am I advocating blindly following others. Keep your eyes open. As soon as you possibly can, determine the options. Then, try to make good choices. Your future depends on it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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