Pedicure for 3

Sharing love, friendship and caring can be done in so many ways, but one fabulous way to do it is to book a pedicure for 3 friends who have known each other for years…

This week, with Valentine’s Day pending, many are thinking about dinner out, wine and champagne, couples massage, facials, flowers, and chocolates, but that isn’t always the way life works out.

When it doesn’t go your way, a good way to start the week is to reserve some much needed time to refresh and re-energize with good friends.

Laughing, chatting, sharing life stories… crying, just a little.

We also have to admire the dedication and tenacity of those who take customer service to a whole new level…dealing with a broken hot water heater in a place where hot water is essential.

Like these ladies at the nail salon, we spend our days, we spend our lives trying to make others feel cared for and loved – whether it is Valentine’s Day, a milestone anniversary, or saying good bye to a very dear loved one.

I have to thank my friends for helping me prepare for the week with a reservation for brunch, and a relaxing, leisurely pedicure for 3. Thank you ladies for making sure that we remember how important life is and let’s celebrate as often as we can.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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