Paying More

If you really want something unusual, or better service, or even faster, more accurate service, do you mind paying more? Probably not. 

Better, faster and more accurate are valuable to you. They’re valuable to many…

What about paying the same thing, but from one location to another, you find the service varies so greatly that you’ll drive farther to get that better service? Ok, maybe not really far, maybe 10 miles instead of 5, but in terms of time, it’s a lot far more than double the commitment. 

However, if it’s wrong and has to be done again, that takes more time – your valuable time… What is that worth to you?

I am definitely beginning to think that the employees in this other store should be earning more for their talent, commitment and attention to detail. The store management – and the big, brand corporation, should definitely be paying more to the better staff. These employees have redeemed my faith in Staples today. They have my business, and while it’s not my money (per se; the client pays the fees for copies) they don’t pay me more for delayed, inaccurate and errors in printing that make me wait longer, or worse; return to the store later to pick up the corrected job.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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