Amateur vs. Expert

While I am not sure that this second (the right side) photo of this seasonal floral arrangement was created by a professional or not, there certainly is something to be said in regard to the value of using an amateur vs. expert florist.

First of all, they have the tools and the display-ware needed. Also, they have access to the best of the best in their inventory, with more than just 8 mini carnations in the do-it-yourself bouquet available at the market. Oh, and lighting, creating the setting and a professional photographer with a great camera!

For years people have referred to decorators and editors of magazines who give advice on seasonal ambiance.

In the past, people have both admired and picked on Martha Stewart for her decorating advice and instruction. Her “projects” are often difficult, complicated and expensive to complete. They are not however, impossible, just nearly impossible to re-create to her uber-perfection as shown in her magazine.

Today, people LOVE Pinterest; however, while it is portrayed as this consummate do-it-yourself site, there must be professionals completing these projects and pinning them for all the world to see. Otherwise, the bulk of us will forever be labeled as amateur vs expert in the world of candy corn, marshmallow-ghost peep floral arranging. Am I upset? No. I have other talents on which I can rely and it did make me laugh at myself. Hoping everyone else can, too. Have fun and happy pinning.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Amatuer vs expert floral

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