I have this recurring conversation with people lately… the same, essential belief that the holidays have become more than they should be. Retail holiday decor coating the stores 2 to 3 months in advance of the holiday is just one aspect…but “that is just the beginning”. Gifts are literally, overdone, too.

  • We eat more (probably) than we should.
  • We indulge in sweets and cookies and appetizers at too many events that we  committed to as well.  
  • The pressure, from the need to sell more to the impression that you have to buy more.

I know people who are not only done shopping, they have already wrapped their Christmas presents, too. (Ok, one person, I’ve known others…) I won’t judge them, if that’s the way they have to do it. But aren’t they lucky that it has become possible and the wrapping paper is easily accessible? Right there at the check out aisle or seasonal decor section at the front of the store!  

We went on the holiday house tour today. First time I have gone on this particular tour, right in my town, which I have missed due to work or travel commitments for the last 19 years. I finally said “this is the year” (last year was really the year I should have gone. The only time – in all the years since we’ve lived here – that I remember it being sunny – this year, back to rain…

This year, I blocked my calendar, bought the tickets and made the committment to the fund raiser, to the community and to the spirit in which I view this huge event. It is inspirational. 

I am not the only one…we go to get ideas, to see what the experts do – not just what the retail market has claimed as the theme of the holiday (Peanuts®, brown craft wrapping and burlap bows, mason jars are just a few of the decor items of choice/aka for sale this year.)

Maybe some of the homes were overdone to my personal taste, but a few ideas here and there were ones I noted. No pics to share… this is a pay-to-see event only. They are not kidding either. This is serious business; I think we all know that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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