Pensive or Even Obsessed

There are many words for being thoughtful. I am not talking about being polite and saying “hello, thank you” to those you meet in retail settings. I am, instead, thinking of pensive or even obsessed.

It is a good thing to think about something for a while, to noodle it around in your mind. To take the right amount of time to decide; what will I do…

  • next week?
  • next month?
  • next year?
  • or even tomorrow?

There comes a point, however, when you can’t get these ideas out of your brain and on to paper, online or in store (for sale) that you need to get super focused.

Make a decision. Talk a bit more, but stop discussing it to no avail. Being pensive or even obsessed means nothing unless there is ultimately some kind of action.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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