Look Back

It is a good day, when you can look back and be proud of your past, your experiences and your accomplishments. This can be in the professional world, your business and yes, of course, your personal life, too.

  • Who did you thank today?
  • Who did you help today?
  • What experience helped you be patient or answer a question with logic, clarity and focus?
  • When did you learn that? (Who taught you?)

It is coming to the last 6 weeks of the year and between Thanksgiving and New Years there is a lot of celebrating to be done. Know that when you look back on 2015, the development of your own business, the progress of your career, your accomplishments in education and your life as a whole there are good things to see. It may not be all profit, growth and straight As, but it is still something to make you proud and make you smile.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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