Over The Hedge

When we were kids, if anything went over the hedge it was a problem.

Not because the neighbors didn’t like us, or would be upset; it just interrupted the game. You had to go around to the front of the house, up the driveway and retrieve the ball or Frisbee.

When we were in a friend’s pool, playing volleyball, it was even worse. You had to get out of the pool, dripping. Then run on the hot pavement while everyone got restless. Waiting.

As adults, you (hopefully) like your neighbors and have cultivated a good relationship with them, too.

Sure, privacy is nice, but friendship is even better.

Maybe, if you are lucky, you can take a break from everyday life, work around the house and just stand there, chatting over the hedge. Share a story, maybe a beer, or a piece of cake. Chat with their adorable pup. Make life better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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