What Do You Love More?

These days it seems to come down to what do you love more?

  • Staying home and “safe” or getting out so that you don’t lose your mind?
  • Supporting restaurants by making a reservation and waiting, even if it runs over (long over the estimate) or, ordering to go and just eating at home (again)?
  • Going on vacation, but still staying in for dinner, lunch and brunch, or staying home, “treating” yourselves to home renovations and getting take out more often?

We actually don’t love these choices; but we are making it work, either way.

You just have to be patient, and I’m not exactly sure how much longer we can be.

Still, we dine out, and dine eating outside unless it’s too hot or humid, or we can’t get a reservation.

If you ask me, what do you love more? I definitely love going out more, but the current experience isn’t the same – as much as they try – so we have to choose wisely. It isn’t their fault it isn’t what we really want. We know that. But, we keep doing it, adapting and trying our best to support the businesses. Doing what we can to keep the restaurants, retailers and service provider that we love, open and here for us when this is all over. We probably need to do more. This isn’t their preferred choice, either.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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