Open Door Policy

The best managers, co-workers and friends should have an open door policy.

Who wants to have to knock and wait for permission to enter to speak freely about a project, their work or even what might be happening in their life.

Especially if something is really, really bothering you.

We need to be there for each other to listen when needed.

So much of our lives is spent working, studying to complete college or school of some form or another. The in-between time is the important part.  This is the part that gives us reason to do what we do every day. This is the part that makes us keep going.

People everywhere should have an open door policy for their friends and family, as well as their co-workers and be there when needed – no matter what – no matter how complicated, no matter how personal. It is this action that makes our human interaction that much more beautiful and meaningful.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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